She told me stuff that NOBODY knew, only me.                        

-Stephen Ash


This was really an incredible experience. I went in with an open mind hoping to connect with someone specific, and sure enough he came through. Jmarie brought through two of my friends who had passed unexpectedly as well as my estranged grandfather. It was so comforting to hear from my friend that I lost and she was able to describe our complicated relationship to a tee. She knew things there is just no way she could have known and even at times talked like them, saying phrases they would have said. She is warm and kind and great at relaying sensitive information. My friends mom who passed from cancer even came through for a message for me to deliver (which she did end up needing.) she records the sessions and you get a CD. Everyone that listened to my CD was baffled, even the skeptical friends say they just can’t explain it. She was not incorrect about one thing regarding my life and loved ones. If you are hindering on this, trust me and go. You’ll be so so happy you did. She is the real deal and being able to connect and say hello to your loved ones is priceless.

Jangentry Bradley

I walked in not expecting much, but was completely blown away at her accuracy and knowledge. I couldn't believe what she was telling me, because no one knew the information she provided. She was dead accurate about every single person/spirit she brought up! My mind was completely blown. I think about this experience every single day. I STILL cannot believe the information she provided me about my past and current loved ones! TOTALLY amazing and worth every single cent.


Laura West

Janet has been amazing to work with! 5 stars is not enough to give! She is so accurate, professional, so comfortable to be around, and truly the sweetest soul. Her private readings have been so meaningful; her classes are incredibly informative and so much has been learned; and the house reading she just performed was the most amazing experience!!! She took her time, explained all of the concerns we had, was very thorough, and we never felt like she was rushing us at all. She is so wonderful to work with - so sweet, and just easy to be around! We are so blessed to have found her, thanks to a very strong recommendation from a friend, and look forward to many more experiences and classes with her. We have recommended her to many friends and family members and she does not disappoint! Do not miss the opportunity to have a reading with her - she is truly a jewel! We love Janet!


Annie Calloway

I've been seeing Janet for over 2 years. She has been my saviour! Through this beautiful loving soul I am able to stay connected to my loved ones on the other side. I know that whatever is bothering me or questions I need answering that she will be there for me. Thanks Janet for not only being my connection but for being my dear special friend! I love you beautiful lady!


Jackie Durnett

what an amazing person. I have been talking with Janet for many years now and she is always so connected and just a great soul. I always look forward to talking with you. Keep up the good work.


Nicci Thomas

I recently had a Skype Reading with Janet & I can PROMISE you she IS definitely the "REAL DEAL!!!" She pulled literally every Spirit I had on the "Other Side" & even pulled my Best friends Spirits as soon as she walked in the door in the middle of my reading... Calling her name out within the first 120 seconds telling her things from her grandmother that ONLY Andrea (My friend) & her deceased grandmother would know. I am VERY connected & aware of Spirit energy... I wrote down certain things from each Spirit I wanted to come through & she literally got everything I not only wanted to hear, but NEEDED to hear from the other side. Janet pulling through my spirits & sending me the messages from my loved ones I believe literally saved my life. I was left feeling released from pain I have held onto for 24yrs on my heart, shoulders & mind. I immediately felt like the dark cloud of "What If's" & "Why's" that hung over my head for so long were immediately gone & filled with Sunlight. I woke up today with a whole new outlook & attitude on life & feel nothing but the Love & Happiness I have so badly longed for over the years. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL that Janet crossed my path & was able to be the "messenger" in giving me the answers & guidance from my loved ones I so so desperately needed. I could go on & on & on with how AMAZING she truly is, but you would be here forever. I leave you saying that I couldn't want more in my life for EVERYONE to experience what I did yesterday in my reading with Janet in her connecting with my loved ones & sharing with me all their messages.... IT IS ABSOLUTELY LIFE CHANGING!!! If your reading this then know a California girl that has been very sad for 24yrs since her mother passed is now filled with joy & love in her heart & by writing this she is wishing the SAME FOR YOU!!!
I highly recommend you to voice record your reading so you can go back & listen to all the details & words she brings to you. I listened to it over & over again after our reading & was like she didn't miss a beat!!
Love, Peace & Blessings~
Nicci Thomas (California Girl)


Meghann Feldwieser

I've seen her twice - both times she was spot on with my life and the death of my dad. We go for a reading every time she's in town... I hope so much that I've been hearing the truth, because just thinking that my dad might exist makes my heart light


Maria Echeverry


Maria Echeverry

Janet is the most accurate medium I have met, she was 100% on everything she say to me, when I met her the only thing she knew about me was my first name, wish it is very common, she has a true gift and I hope she continues on the road she is on, if you are looking for some one to help you Janet Marie is the person, I hope you visit her.


Karen Felimond

Having seen many mediums over the years, I can say without doubt, Janet is a genuine, skilled and compassionate medium who delivers messages from loved ones who have passed over in a sensitive way. She is amazing and has excellent communication skills, I highly recommend.


Stephen Ash

Miss. J Marie was absolutely amazing!!! She told me stuff that NOBODY knew, only me. She's amazing and prices are amazing. She's beautiful in every way and the way she talks to you, you know it's real. To the people who are reading this review, if you are skeptical, DONT BE!! J Marie is the real deal. She's very genuine and has a heart of gold, I felt like I've know her almost my whole life. Thank you J Marie!!!


A. Black

Janet has read two of my daughters when they were going thru very tough times, and she brought so much comfort and energy to them. She really helps see past the moment.


Jessica E

I was blown away by my reading. If you are at all doubtful of her abilities you will walk away with at new found respect for what she does. She is amazing, detailed , and positive. I felt a weight lifted after my reading with her. If you are on the fence about going then just go. It doesn't hurt to sit and listen. I promise that you will be so glad you did.



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