Client Reviews

I’ve been seeing Janet for over 2 years. She has been my saviour! Through this beautiful loving soul I am able to stay connected to my loved ones on the other side. I know that whatever is bothering me or questions I need answering that she will be there for me. Thanks Janet for not only being my connection but for being my dear special friend! I love you beautiful lady!
— Annie Calloway
Janet has been amazing to work with! 5 stars is not enough to give! She is so accurate, professional, so comfortable to be around, and truly the sweetest soul. Her private readings have been so meaningful; her classes are incredibly informative and so much has been learned; and the house reading she just performed was the most amazing experience!!! She took her time, explained all of the concerns we had, was very thorough, and we never felt like she was rushing us at all. She is so wonderful to work with - so sweet, and just easy to be around! We are so blessed to have found her, thanks to a very strong recommendation from a friend, and look forward to many more experiences and classes with her. We have recommended her to many friends and family members and she does not disappoint! Do not miss the opportunity to have a reading with her - she is truly a jewel! We love Janet!
— Laura West
Wow!! Wow is an understatement. I hardly talked throughout our session, she did most of the talking and she was 100% ACCURATE!! I was NOT feeding her any information whatsoever. I was quiet for the most part and just let her talk. J. Marie correctly described my house, my grandmother’s death and what took place in our family at that time. I have peace now, knowing my grandmother is with me. A session with J. Marie is worth every penny!
— Reagan Baker
I had a reading today and I left feeling very encouraged! I left feeling like my love ones were walking beside me! She made me feel very comfortable!!! I plan on booking a group reading so that my family can get the same experience!! I lost my husband about 7 months ago and today was the first time that I felt like he were actually here and talking to me!
— Ramesha Wilson
One of the most amazing experiences of my life. Was a complete skeptic at first. She’s the real deal! And brought me a lot of closure from loved ones who have passed. Highly recommended, will not regret!
— Caleb Pearce
Difficult to find the appropriate words to express my meeting with J Marie yesterday. 100% validation that my 29 yo son is happy and has been communicating with me frequently since he passed away 7 months ago. J Marie told me exactly what happened to him and personal items that we placed with him. She had no way of knowing any of these things, and I was so happy to know my son acknowledged so much through her to me. She knew my boyfriend’s name and our dog’s name. Highly recommend her, by far the best medium I’ve ever met. A very blessed experience! She is very gifted. Gave me a lot of peace. Thank you Brad for validating so much to help heal my pain of losing you.
— Angie B.
I walked in not expecting much, but was completely blown away at her accuracy and knowledge. I couldn’t believe what she was telling me, because no one knew the information she provided. She was dead accurate about every single person/spirit she brought up! My mind was completely blown. I think about this experience every single day. I STILL cannot believe the information she provided me about my past and current loved ones! TOTALLY amazing and worth every single cent.
— Jangentry Bradley