you came to learn, that when life takes you on the occasional rollercoaster of twists and turns, that you can prevail forward, even with a little motion sickness from time to time. When you think your life is slow and steady and you have it all together, is when you can almost expect some curve ball to come flying in waiting for you to catch a flying ball out of midair with your bare hand. 

It’s going to hurt and sting sometimes, it’s about getting back up and trying again and maybe, just maybe buy a glove just for safekeeping. You know the angles that my life has taken over the countless years I’ve been here on earth have really lead me to some deep soul searching and truly understanding why it’s all happened the way it has.

Even when I felt there was a dark corner ahead I knew that it would lead me to the light at some point. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. With all that though, I not only had to trust myself, but I had to trust that God, my loved ones and the angels had my back. We are not placed anywhere that we can’t get out of, but it starts with us believing in not only ourselves, but trusting the outcome, whatever that may be.

If we feel we are stuck we will stay stuck. If we believe we are stronger than anything life throws as us, wel begin to feel those muscles emerge, not from your biceps or triceps, but from your heart , your mind, your soul.

Lets take a journey to learn how to believe in the power of you, lets take these twists and turns and begin to trust the road that is given while learning that taking a few back roads and detours are part of the fun! This journey is never alone, I can promise that, but sometimes when we feel the most alone it’s because we’ve not truly made friends with ourselves. Lets find the love that we have within and begin a new journey forward!