A moment

A moment in time, is a moment in a memory.  A heart beat, a second, a laugh, a tear, pureness in it's own form.

                                                                                      -Love Me
Copywritten spiritsareallaroundus 2014

Become One

The calming of water unleashing the sounds of the wonderment in the world. The calming of this moment allows you to take the thoughts of mind and heart and make them become one

                                                                                      - Love Me 
Copywritten spiritsareallaroundus 2014


Walking hand and hand

Everyday walking with us, only inches away. A way to hold our hands without saying a single thing.

No sound needed, no touch felt, but the warmth within our hearts, leaving us to know just how close they really are.

                                                                                       - Love me

Copywritten Spiritsareallaroundus 2014