Beginning with you…

What do you love about yourself? We tend to look in the mirror and question who we are, why we are here and why does my butt or my gut look the way it does. Do you take the time to connect with your soul, do you ever evaluate it for it’s creases, wrinkles, or uncharted damage that has been done over countless years or the neglect?

We tend to focus so much on the exterior that we tend to forget that its a vessel to carry around all the important stuff inside, that the soul and energy centers within play a huge part in keeping us functioning at a higher vibration and speed. On those days we are feeling weak, more lethargic, we again tend to only focus on noticing the bags under your eyes rather than trying to figure out if we’ve picked up on someone else’s energy and now have a energetic clinger, or if we have been neglecting our refueling of our own energy from giving too much. 

There are more reasons than, “I just didn’t sleep well”. The physical world is so high strung on the external that they don’t teach us how we need to search within and heal to keep going. Being a single mom, business owner, etc. I know how important it is to need sleep, we need peace and we need to look good too, but what really is a nice dress or make-up covering when inside we feel as though we are unbalanced and misplaced.

By misplaced feeling as though we don’t truly know who we are anymore. When have you ever looked at your significant other, family member or friend and just said, “Man I really need to figure out what is going on inside, maybe it’s my soul". Not many of us do, because we don't know what is really going on. We just bypass these things because at this point in life it feels normal. We get so complacent on just taking the hurt rather than healing is because again it’s like, oh well. 

Do you know how refreshing it is to speak freely now? I waited most of my life to find the freedom to say that I don’t always know what is going on but I bet its something rom my past or present that is telling me to work on clearing it so I can look forward and see the positive changes. As most of you that have met me know this, and I thank you for still being my friend. Sometimes you have to just say those friends or family members that you ‘just can’t’ today. Meaning speaking, sharing time, nothing. It’s ok to just feel like you can’t anything sometimes.

I do truly believe that when we are off balanced, all those around us begin to be too. See it’s all an exchange of energy. Take time for you, be selfish and fill yourself, your soul first and everyone else comes second. It’s ok to not have an answer; a reason or an excuse so quit trying to make them. Honor where your soul is that day, week, month or year. 

QUIT focusing on the outside and work from the inside out! It’s the ONLY thing you can do for you to get you going on this spiritual journey differently. You can’t mask the outside no matter how hard you try. I live, breath, eat and practice Spirit on a day-to-day, am I perfect NO. Do I too look at myself and question some of my own outward appearance; of course I’m still human. 

When I begin that I always look at my eyes. I stare right in to them in the mirror. I notice they are blue or green, depending upon the day, I then look to see if they are red, or whether the skin around them looks dry, but then I truly connect with them. I ask myself are they sad, are they lonely, are they excited, are they… the list goes on. It’s about making an emotional association with them. Because you see when you do this, you tend to find the hidden emotion that is trapped, because you can’t lie to yourself when you’re looking in your eyes. 

You can feel it when you speak it. Sometimes you begin to feel that emotion emerge, do not block it. Learn to connect with yourself! When you do, the world begins to look brighter. You begin to heal those deeper wounds that were hidden; you know those ones that you pushed down hoping to never see again. You learn to notice if what you’re experiencing is yours or someone else’ and you begin to heal! 

You got this! Take a moment to find the things you love about you while looking in the mirror. Wrap your arms around yourself and give a big squeeze and begin to heal within the body with catch up! You are like a candle and the light is shining inside in the deep middle, the outside will begin to glow. You can only get brighter from here!